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Iain Abshier
First Officer
Sharon Chayra
Since inception, ChayraCom
has been singularly focused on building long-term partnerships.


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We suffer from hero worship.


That's why we specialize in the health care, non-profit, tactical and military support sectors including Second Amendment rights, providing professional services for the communications function in all its expressions. We address the more routine as well as the more specialized PR tasks. When necessary, we call upon our alliance with subject matter experts and coordinate strategies for maximum impact. 


Communications, or comms as is known in military lexicon, is critical to achieving your organization's goals. Communications tell your story the way you want it told and leave an accurate, lasting and positive impression. We help you build goodwill by using a variety of mediums and help you remain responsive and accountable to your stakeholders. 



Mission Focused.

We don't waste time trying to impress you. We prefer to let our success speak to our competencies and work ethic:

• Sector matter expertise

• Resource-rich assets

• Mission success record

Skill competencies in public affairs, EMS, fitness and wellness education. Rural firefighter, firearms enthusiast (pending instructor status) and gym rat whose training is directed toward goal as PJ in USAF. Unapologetic footware afficionado, Costa Ludas fan, consumate gentleman.

Seasoned professional with a passion for service directing an award-winning niche agency. Devoted mother, firearms writer, author, and producer with a wicked sense of humor. Hails from an accomplished military and law enforcement family who found her calling through storytelling and problem-solving. 

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Resource Partners
 Expertise On-Demand

ChayraCom maintains sub-specialty alliances in areas of:

• Entertainment

• Native American Issues

• Law & Legislation

• Fine & Graphic Arts

• Crisiscom

• Technology

• Technical Advisors: Medicine, Tactical Instruction, Military/SO

Mobilized when needed,

as needed. 

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