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What We Do

On Target.

Since 1995, ChayraCom's award-winning PR, production and writing capabilities have served the specialized communications demands of small to medium-sized organizations throughout the US (peppered with some international work).  Clients that engage with ChayraCom very often remain with ChayraCom. This sort of trust doesn't just happen, it's earned. 


As a niche, all-senior level firm we effectively capitalize on opportunities that enhance your reputation or nullify threats. We're very good at what we do, some say exceptional. It may look easy, but every movement we make represents decades of experience and a tenacious spirit that continually hones our skills for your benefit. Our clients deserve our very best and we guarantee they receive it whether it's day one or decade one. 

We Spotlight You

If you're as serious about your brand as we are to represent it, please understand we vet partnerships to make sure they're a good fit. Strong relationships result in great work and we loathe mediocrity. ChayraCom make ourselves experts on you and your brand and because we focus on select industries, you don't pay for a learning curve. That saves you time and money. Plus, we don't dilute your investment by representing your competition. Our clients are front-and-center and regular briefings make sure progress is in alignment with objectives. But if you have to change course, it's no problem. We're also quite nimble.

Our Professional Services

• Strategic Public Relations and Reputation Management

• Branding Campaigns

• Copywriting and Ghostwriting

• Graphic Design

• Fundraising

• Social Media Strategy 

• Production and Podcasts

• Media Relations and Training

• Special Events and Trade Shows; and

  Specialized tasks as required by client's needs.

Industry Specialization
  • Health care & Medicine

  • Mili-tainment 

  • Wellness & Fitness

  • Firearms & Tactical

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